Representing the UK Explosives Industry

EIG has taken over the production and publication of the obsolete HSE Guides – HSG123 (Working together on firework displays) and HSG 124 (Giving your own firework display) and has brought them up to date by including:-

  • Details of new firework types
  • Changes in the law
  • Advice on smoke issues
  • Advice on Risk Assessment and “Safety” distances
  • Advice on new European Standards and ISO Standards
  • Advice on “myths” that circulate within the industry

The new guides are available FREE OF CHARGE in electronic form by clicking the links below:-

Working Together on Firework Displays – The Blue Firework Guide

Giving Your Own Firework Display – The Red Firework Guide




Changelog – WTOFD

1 June 2018 – Initial version published

Changelog – GYOFD

1 June 2018 – Initial version published