Law and Guidance

This table is a list of current UK and International Explosive law, regulations and provisions and guidance. It is a “work in progress” document and will be updated by members of the EIG periodically. If you think there is a piece of legislation missing from the list, or any other edit needed, then we would be pleased to hear from you. Please email Avril Di Palma directly.

The table is a “live” Excel spreadsheet and may not be available via all company portals.  You can sort or filter the Table by clicking on the arrows in each column – we have tried to identify which pieces of legislation are relevant to each sector – but the tagging is not definitive – please check all relevant legislation to ensure that you comply.

You can also filter the list when you click on each column heading – for instance clicking on Status brings up the following menu options:


Current = Up to date information
OK = Information is relevant but references may be out of date (eg refers to MSER 2005 rather than ER 2014)
Obsolete = Information has been superceded

Clicking on other column headings performs similar options




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