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These guides have been prepared by industry and other bodies (including HSE, DfT, BIS, DEFRA, MOD, the Police and the Fire Service) are are available free to download.

The guides describes accepted practice within the explosives industry. By following the guidance, persons would normally be compliant with their legal duties. HSE and the explosives industry may refer to this guidance as illustrating good practice. However, nothing in these guides should be read as setting a higher standard than that required by legislation.

Whilst every effort has been made to cover appropriate legislation and relevant industry practice at the time of publication of this guide, neither the CBI, the other parties involved, nor their servants or agents can accept responsibility for, or liabilities incurred directly or indirectly as a result of, any errors or omissions within this document. Those persons involved in the explosives industry are responsible for taking their own legal and other advice as they see fit. Readers are strongly advised to check for any changes in legislation since the publication of these guides.

Nor do the CBI, other parties involves, their servants and agents make any representation expressed or implied that the products and product ranges or the processes, equipment or materials referred to in this guide are suitable, satisfactory or appropriate for the purpose or purported purposes set out or referred to in this guide and the CBI, other parties involved, their servants and agents accept no responsibility or liability therefore.

Current Summary of UK law and guidance

This is a list of current UK and International Explosive law, regulations and provisions and guidance. It is a “work in progress” document and will be updated by members of the EIG periodically. It is an “live” Excel Spreadsheet and may not be available via some company portals.  This single combined page has superceded the separate law and guidance pages

Click here to access spreadsheet (web-based only)

List of Current Guides

Working Together on Firework Displays – The Blue Firework Guide

Giving Your Own Firework Display – The Red Firework Guide

EIG Brief Guides for the Explosives Regulations 2014 are available here

(downloadable pdf files – some hard copies may still be available from Charles Smith)

EIG Picking Guide

Guidance for the Safe Management and Disposal of Explosives v2.1

Structural Justification Guide

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Explosives Operations

Guide on the Use of Explosives in Educational Demonstrations

Fire Precautions Guide

Requirements for Remote Explosives Manufacturing Facilities


Risk Assessment Guide

Guidance on Occupied Buildings on Licensed Explosives Sites

Safe Management of the Disposal of Explosives Guide (version 1 – new version available)

Management Guidance for the Safe Decommissioning of Explosives Sites

Electrical Installations Guide

Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations Guide

Industry Guide and Code of Practice for Carriage of Explosives Regulations (GB Edition)

Industry Guide and Code of Practice for Carriage of Explosives Regulations (NI Edition)

Protective Measures Guide

Carriage of Detonators by Road Guide

Hearing Protection Guide

pasr“Golden Rules” Documents

(see also details here)

When working with explosives Always

Safe Conduct in Explosives Areas

Design Good Practice


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