A Guide to Fire Resistance Standards For Explosives Vehicles

This guide has been prepared to provide practical guidance for users, operators or manufacturers of vehicles for the road transport of explosives. It will assist them to meet the requirements of the Road Traffic (Carriage of Explosives] Regulations, 1989 (CER) and its Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). The guide extends to the requirements for fire resistance of vehicles needed to meet the regulations for the international transport of goods by road, ADR (The European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Roadl.

The guide has been prepared by a working party of the Health & Safety Executive and the Explosives Industry Group of the Confederation of British Industry. It reminds users of the requirements of the regulations and details test regimes and criteria which can be applied to load comportment designs to establish conformance with the regulations. For some applications, such as ISO containers, specific advice on a design which can be used is given. When users wish to use load containers designed in accordance with this guide for roil, air or sea applications, the appropriate regulations will need to be checked to verify that any container also complies with those regulations.

This guide is based on current regulations:

Road Traffic (Carriage of Explosivesl Regulations, 1989.

Approved Code of Practice for CER, published 1989.

ADR, Edition doted 1990.

The CBI does not accept any responsibility for the actions of users, operators or manufacturers in pursuance of this guide; they remain responsible for ensuring that vehicles meet appropriote standards for fire resistance.

Fire Resistance Standards Guide

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